Cleaning services are provided daily at CNBB. In addition, the day matron and porters attend to building restrooms to ensure enough supplies are on hand. Porters monitor the perimeter of the building to maintain the standard CNBB is known for. Window washers are on-site regularly to ensure that all windows, both interior and exterior, are cleaned. The exterior windows are scheduled to be cleaned three times per year (weather permitting).

During the evening, the cleaning staff is supervised by an individual appointed by the cleaning contractor at the building. This supervisor is responsible for the entire nighttime staff, which provide cleaning services for tenants’ suites.

Extra Services

A service charge will be incurred for any additional cleaning services. Charges for these extra services will be reflected on any sundry bills issued by the Management Office.

Please note that due to increases in union wages, the cost for these services changes annually. Please contact the Management Office for the current charges.