Energy Management

Energy costs are the single largest expense for this Building. In an effort to reduce costs to all Tenants, we have an on-going program to identify and implement energy conservation projects. While the Building is heated at all times during the heating season, a lower temperature is maintained in the evenings and on weekends. The lights in each Tenant suite are controlled by individual switches, as well as occupancy sensors. The common area lighting is also controlled by occupancy sensors. In order to reduce operating costs, please turn off all the lights in your suite when you leave in the evening. The night cleaning staff, in cleaning your suite, will turn all lights off when done. Printers, shredders, computers, and coffee machines should also be turned off each evening. Every Tenant will benefit from these simple measures to conserve energy.

Electrical Distribution System:
In general, office floor electric capacity is designed at 8 watts per gross square foot, with tenant lighting typically allocated 1 watt and their receptacles 3.5 watts.

Emergency Generator System:
The building is equipped with a 450 KW emergency diesel driven generator with automatic starting capability and having an output of 277/480 volts.